Payment, Policies, and Terms

Payment Terms: All orders must be prepaid in full before shipping unless prior arrangements
have been made.
Payment Types: Cash, ACH, Cashier’s Check, Bank Wires and all major credit cards are
Policies and Terms:

  1. I hereby agree and promise that I have complied with, and will comply with, the laws of
    the state of destination concerning the merchandise I am ordering. I also hereby state
    that I have obtained any necessary permits and/or licenses required by law and that I
    will use or sell the merchandise ordered in strict compliance with all applicable laws,
    federal, state, county, city or municipality. I understand that Dynomite Fireworks, LLC
    and all of its agents or employees are not and will not be responsible for any loss of
    merchandise due to any legal violations. I understand that this purchase is a wholesale
    sale. I understand that all sales are final, that no returns are accepted and that no
    refunds are given.I also understand and agree that Dynomite Fireworks, LLC., and all its agents or
    employees will  not be held liable in any legal action for any accident, injury, arrest, fine or
    citation, fire property damage or any other losses or incidents occasioned during the
    transportation, handling, storage, use or sale of these fireworks. As a condition of this
    sale, I understand that fireworks are dangerous, and I assume all risks regarding them as
    well as all responsibility for using these fireworks. I am 18 years of age or older.
  2. Regular Orders requires a minimum of $1,500.00 per year./Pre-Order Special requires a minimum order of $2500.00
  3. Product sold in full case lots only. Items and quantities are subject to availability.
  4. Prices are F.O.B. Seymour, Missouri.
  5. Credit is reviewed on case-by-case basis. All approved accounts must have a current ACH on file before orders are finalized.
  6. A 15% restocking fee will apply on all canceled orders that have not left Warehouse in
    Seymour Missouri.
  7. The current price list supersedes all previous price lists, written, oral or otherwise.
  8. Prices subject to change without notice.
  9. Dynomite Fireworks reserves the right to correct any typographical errors which may
    have occurred during the preparation of any documents.
  10. All documents, customer forms, and/or any required documents must be uploaded to account, faxed, or emailed to Dynomite Fireworks LLC prior to order being finalized. No exceptions this process could potentially risk order not being filled, delayed, and or subject to cancellation. Customer documents must be updated on a year to year basis.


All Safe and Sane orders will be reviewed by Dynomtie Fireworks if other items are added besides those listed. All UN0336 Items must be in orders over 151 lbs. to be shipped and will be shipped by a common carrier to Residences/Businesses with an extra charge for lift gate if needed. Dynomite Fireworks will only ship items that are legally permitted at the shipping destination. Please be informed about your state firework law. You may refer to our legal page to learn more about state firework law.


Dynomite Fireworks ships all orders in excellent condition. The fireworks are inspected and the boxes we use are designed to transport fireworks. Dynamite Fireworks recommends that you inspect the firework boxes when you receive your order with the delivery driver present.
If the exterior of the boxes is visibly damaged. Dynomite Fireworks recommends that you open the boxes with the delivery driver present;

You must have of any and all damage notated on the Bill of Lading

Wait to sign your delivery receipt until you fully inspect your shipment.
Please contact Dynomite Fireworks if you discover damaged goods and we will work with you to resolve the issue. If you discover that the fireworks have been damaged after the driver leaves, please call and let us know the details. Again, we will work with you to solve any problems.
Dynomite Fireworks is not responsible for the incurred damage; however, we value our customer and want to make sure you are taken care of.


Wondering where your fireworks are? After your order ships from our facility; we will work quickly to send your tracking info via email.

All shipments must be paid for in advance. If your freight incurs additional fees we will contact you.

When you agree to our Hold Harmless policy, you are stating that you have all necessary permits. It is your responsibility, not that of Dynomite Fireworks, LLC, to ensure that you can legally possess these fireworks. Anyone not having permits where required, runs the risk of fines and/or confiscation of fireworks without any recourse to Dynomite Fireworks, LLC.

It is your reponsibility to make sure that fireworks are legal in your area. It is not Dynomite Fireworks responsibility to know the county, local and state laws in your area.